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Further Exploration of Crab Creek Watershed:

The South River Federation is excited to have started phase I of our newly launched Crab Creek Initiative and hope to complete a full assessment of the creek's drainage area for sources of pollution in the near future. This past week, staff conducted a second major exploration of the creek’s watershed (see below for a summary of the first exploration). The streams leading to Crab Creek have a been plagued by illegal dumping, oil spills, trash flows, dirt plumes and high bacteria readings. To help kick off our Crab Creek Initiative, we have begun exploring the Crab Creek watershed on foot in order to get a better understanding of the general health of the area, and identify potential areas of restoration.


After contacting a few landowners, our search for areas of restoration took us to Kingsport, Eatons Landing, and some property just off of Spa Road. While exploring the area around the Kingsport community pier, we discovered an active headcut that lead back to a stormwater pipe just off of Childs Point Road.



After following the stream through the woods, we observed a large sediment deposit in Crab Creek next to the Kingsport community pier. Discoveries like this are exactly why it’s important to have boots on the ground in the watershed looking for sources of pollution to the South River. The Federation will be monitoring this area closely, and will target this stream for potential restoration.



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