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The Federation's Annual Kayak Sojourn and Potluck Picnic was June 24th. Despite the forecast calling for storms, it was a beautiful day for a paddle and a picnic. Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator Nancy Merrill lead a flotilla of around 25 people out towards Selby Bay, along the shore, and into a cove, teaching the group about local wildlife such as the marsh periwinkle snail. This small snail has a thick, spiraling shell and lives in tidal marshes and wetlands throughout the Chesapeake, living on grasses such as neddlerush and smooth cordgrass. But what makes the snail unique is its vertical migration. At high tide the snail is typically found high up on the grass above the waterline. As the tide falls, the snails move down the grass and onto the muddy substrate below. Apparently if you take the snail across the country, it will continue to move with the tides of the Chesapeake!




overhead kayak Riverkeeper Jesse Iliff kept watch from the boat -- with a drone on-board taking pictures from above! One of the drone photos can be seen to the right. After heading back to shore, a few pulls of the seine net across the shore brought in some cool critters, from the usual mud crabs, blue crabs, mummichogs, and hogchoackers, to the more unique pipefish, which is in the same family as the seahorse! Similar to seahorses, female pipefish pass the eggs to the males, which carry the eggs until they hatch. A delicious picnic lunch topped off the day. We can't wait for our fall kayak! For more kayak pictures, view our Facebook Album here.









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