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What is the Green Give?

The Green Give is a new, 24-hour online fundraising and engagement-building initiative for environmental non-profits in Anne Arundel County. This year, 11 different environmental organizations took part, all of which are listed below. The event ran from June 12th to the 13th, with a live kick-off celebration held at Historic London Town and Gardens. By working together, the Green Give fosters collaboration and helps organizations share resources and ideas, learn new approaches, engage others in their causes and coordinate actions across sectors to achieve high impact. The Green Give encourages everyone to become a force for the Greener Good!



The Impact of the Green Give

Between the 11 organizations, an amazing $206,826 was raised by 297 donors. Of these almost 300 donors, 112 donated to two or more organizations, which was encouraged by the "Pick 2" initiative of the Green Give. 

To the Federation alone, $18,275 -- or an astounding $28,275 with the matching grant -- was raised by 84 awesome donors.


Green Give Partners:

Annapolis Green

Back Creek Conservancy

Friends of Anne Arundel County Trails

Our Creeks and Conservancy

St. Luke's Restoration of Nature

Spa Creek Conservancy

Scenic Rivers Land Trust

Severn River Assosciation

South River Federation

Watershed Stewards Association

West Rhode Riverkeeper