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Keeping Crab Creek Trash-Free

There is a tremendous amount of trash washing down Crab Creek into the South River. The Federation has been doing stream clean-ups on this stretch for years, but without access to the city-owned property where most of the trash originates, our clean-up efforts are a bandaid not a solution.

The Federation believes that the Mayor and the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis (HACA) does not understand the volume of trash flowing into Crab Creek and into the river, leading to a lack of action. Thus, on June 30, 2017 Federation staff and volunteers constructed a steel and plastic trash trap in a freshwater stream leading to Crab Creek near Wagon Trail Road in Annapolis. We are hoping by scientifically quantifying the volume of trash litter as well as providing startling visual documentation, it will aid in our efforts to advocate for more effective waste control and environmental protection.


150 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

This particular stream collects the runoff from parts of Forest Drive, as well as the Newtowne 20 Public Housing community, and has historically suffered from large amounts of garbage flowing downstream. In the five days following construction of the trap, it rained twice. These two storms washed 150-200 lbs of trash downstream into the trash trap, including 149 plastic bottles, 69 aluminum cans, 38 Styrofoam food containers, 2 shoes, a squirt gun and countless plastic bags. It was disappointing to see so much trash when this past March, as part of the 2017 Project Clean Stream , volunteers had picked up about 15 cubic yards of trash from the stream.

Our Riverkeeper, Jesse Iliff, has corresponded with the Mayor and HACA to convey these concerns and set up a meeting to explore possible infrastructure improvements and outreach opportunities with the community that will produce long-term solutions to the trash problem in the Creek. We will continue to keep members informed of these discussions as they progress.

Trash Trap Clean Out Stats:


1st clean out

149 plastic bottle

69 aluminum cans

38 styrofoam food containers

2 shoes, squirt gun, countless plastic bags


3 glass bottles

26 plastic bottles

18 aluminum cans

15 styrofoam food containers

>150 plastic bags

1 toy gun

1 syringe (no needle)