about south river federation

This week, over 100 bushels of oyster spat on shell were dropped into the South River together with our partner, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. After the day was over, the hard working mix of volunteers and staff looked like they were straight off the set of "Dirty Jobs: Oyster Edition." On the left, the Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteers for each organization stand after loading over 200 bags of oysters into a truck headed for the South River, completely covered in mud and smiles. 


Oyster restoration is a dirty job -- but we LOVE it! Lifting heavy buckets of oysters, getting covered in mud, and smelling like oysters at the end of the day all pays off when you know you are helping restore oyster popluations and improve filtration of the South River and Chesapeake Bay.

Want to help oyster recovery efforts in the South River? If you love getting dirty -- sign up to be a volunteer here! If you would prefer to stay clean, find out what you can do to help bring more oysters to the South River here.

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