about south river federation

On December 3rd, volunteers from the Naval Academy and Annapolis Rowing Club joined South River Federation to plant 121 Bald Cyprus and Atlantic Cedars and free even more trees from vines at Flat Creek. Despite the chilly weather and extremely muddy conditions, both groups worked fast to plant the new trees and free trees planted in previous years that have since been taken over by climbing hemp vine and other weedy vegetation. Thanks to their help, a large step has now been taken to reforest the Flat Creek wetland.

 Climbing hempvine, or Mikania scandens, is a plant native to the region in the aster family. It produces pinkish-white tubular flowers and climbs over and around its neighbors, using them for support and sometimes overgrowing and outcompeting them. A low ground vine, it is generally found in wet areas along the edges of forests and hammocks or along streambanks and swamps. Depending on where it is found, it can be a serious pest, or a protected species. At Flat Creek, climbing hempvine is usually not a concern, but is now rampant at the site due to warm and dry conditions this past summer. The addition of tree cages also provided perfect climbing material for the vine, helping the vine to overgrow the trees.