about south river federation
On Giving Tuesday the following people donated to the South River Federation in honor of people who inspired their love of the River and nature.
Chris Gordon gave in honor of Fr. Andy Aaron Holy Family Catholic Church, “ I have never asked him why, but he came to me and asked if I would go to the Watershed Stewards Training and not long after that I went from growing oysters to stream and forest restoration work. SRF provides so many opportunities to make a difference with a incredibly dedicated staff. The South River has improved so much in the last 10 years! Thank You.”
Tara Clifford gave in honor of Keely Maguire Clifford, “This is for Giving Tuesday and to honor Keely Maguire Clifford. She is former SRF Board member and environmental advocate.”
Dorlisa Hommel gave in honor of her Mom, “My mom taught us to have the same love animals and nature that she had so I'm am honoring her with this donation :-).”
Jennifer Pilholski gave in honor of Bruce and Kincey Potter’s 50th Anniversary
Janet Delaney gave in honor of Annapolis Rowing Club, “Annapolis Rowing Club at on Gingerville Creek. Keep up the good work!!”
Gayle and Denis Murray gave in honor of Jerry Blackwell, the property owner of our Church Creek Restoration site, “In honor of Jerry Blackwell, whose enthusiasm for Church Creek is inspiring.”
Fae Daniels and Bud Pezet gave in honor of Suzanne Martin, “Suzanne does a wonderful job of encouraging sponsors and donors to contribute to SRF: all for the good of the river and its inhabitants and users.”
Debra and Jim Bird gave a gift each in honor of both their daughter Elizabeth and son William, who grew up on the South River.
Stu Hodgson gave in honor of Rachel Carson, “I remember reading ‘The Silent Spring’ way back when I was a teenager; say 1957. She was the early warning alarm. It was due to her efforts that DDT was banned. Anyone who cares about the environment should remember Rachael Carson with deep respect and appreciation.”
Scott MacMullan gave in honor of Jesse Iliff and Kate Fritz.
Ron Schouten gave in honor of Kim Glasglow.
Lisa and Erik Michelsen gave in honor of Anthony Cimino.
Kate Fritz and Stefan Kunz gave in honor of all the amazing SRF staff!!!