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Suggestions for Beverly Triton Park from the Public Water Access Committee

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Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the 2016 Beverly-Triton Beach Park Plan. First of all, this Plan is a great improvement on the 2000 Beverly-Triton Beach Park Master Plan. The 2000 Plan had woods being cut down for two ballfields. Using this wonderful park for waterfront ballfields was a terrible idea. The 2016 Plan with a public swimming beach as the primary focus is far better suited to the nature of the park.

I would like to make the following suggestions:


1) Add more parking. The BT Plan has 152 parking spots. Loch Haven, an existing local community park, has 137 parking spots. Beverly-Triton, as the section of a regional park with the only public swimming beach in south county, will draw more visitors and needs more parking.

2) RTKL should have a separate design session with the windsurfers of the Baltimore Area Board Sailing Association (BABA) and the kiteboarders of EastKB. The windsports were the first group to gain public access to Beverly-Triton Beach Park and their use should be protected and continued. As configured, the cartop boat launch area is unsuitable for the windsports.

3) Add paddle-in kayak camping for adults. The 2000 Beverly Triton Master Plan had a youth group campground. Exchanging the youth camping for adult camping is in line with the character of the park and prior park planning.

4) Move the playground to the south side of the access lane to the water. It would give the playground a shady site, minimize interference with the cartop boat launch and allow children to go from the beach to the playground without cutting across the vehicular access lane. This is the set-up at Mayo Beach Park. The Mayo Beach playground is shaded and directly inland from the beach. The children go freely from beach to shaded playground. In contrast, the playground at Fort Smallwood Park is not used as much because there is no shade for the children and their parents.

5) Move the dog beach south past the swimming beach. Dogs and car top boats, especially the sails of the windsports, do not mix.

6) Add short piers into the inland ponds to support fishing and birdwatching. Work with DNR to stock the ponds with desirable fish.

7) Install a hedge or split rail fence to discourage people using the pavilion and adjacent picnic area from going to the beach in front of the pavilion and picnic area. Signs should direct pavilion and picnic area users to the swimming beach south of the vehicular access lane.

8) Allow kayakers and stand-up paddleboarders to use the inland ponds for sheltered paddling opportunities.

Thank you for your attention to these comments,

Lisa Arrasmith, Chair 
Water Access Committee
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