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At the October 11 membership meeting, the membership will vote on comprehensive amendments to the South River Federation Bylaws. The revised Bylaws are provided in two formats – a redline showing the amendments and a clean copy of the new Bylaws.

The reason for these amendments  are twofold. (1)To conform the Bylaws to the actual governance of the SRF. As a result of the growth of SRF, and the need for timely decisions, it is no longer practical for the membership to review and to vote on all issues. Instead, the Board has become responsible for guiding the Executive Director and staff on policy issues, with guidance from the membership.(2) To utilize available communication technology. In order to allow the Board to act promptly on issues and to better communicate with the membership, the revised Bylaws incorporate electronic voting by both the Board members and the membership. A number of other technical and stylistic changes have been made.

The Officers and Board members believe that the revised Bylaws will give the SRF the governance structure the organization needs to pursue its mission.

SRF Bylaws - Proposed

SRF Bylaws - Proposed RedlineSRF Bylaws - Proposed Redline