about south river federation

Today’s episode of People of the South River features two dedicated Anne Arundel County officials. It was a pleasure to take Erik Michelsen and Robb Fish out on the water.  Michelsen spent many years protecting and restoring the South River as Executive Director of the Federation before Kate Fritz (the Federation’s current executive director) came on board. He reminisced about his last time out on Remedy, the Federation’s boat, as we motored from one monitoring site to another. “It’s really great to be out on the water“ said Michelson.  Robb Fish nodded in agreement.  A South River Watershed resident for around 16 years, Fish has found a home here on the river. He talked about his fishing adventures at Thomas point and recounts the first time he caught a needlefish on the river.

Together this duo has worked to safeguard and bring back important ecosystems all around Anne Arundel County under the Anne Arundel Watershed Protection and Restoration Program. They have been instrumental in implementing a number of stream restoration projects and we often partner with them to revitalize the native ecosystems along the South River Watershed. One of our most recent projects near Annapolis Harbour Center was just completed a couple of months ago (click here to learn more).

Thanks for your fantastic and consistent partnership! 

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