about south river federation

Professional Dabblers

Yesterday started out looking like it would be another wet day on the boat, but it turned out to be warmer than it has been during our recent monitoring outings. We were even able to enjoy brief moments of sunshine. And we were not the only ones taking advantage of this welcome change in the consistent rainy weather.

As we motored through the calm water to the top portion of the river, we passed a group of people on the Harbor Hills community pier armed with paints and brushes, each with their own easel.  We pulled over to chat for a bit and they told us that they had all taken the same art classes and decided to form an art group within their community. “We are professional dabblers,” Glenn exclaimed jokingly. Some were even Federation members who have supported our cleanup efforts and attended our annual auction last year! When I asked why they decided to paint the water, they revealed their thoughts about our South River. “Speaking from an artist’s perspective,” Karen explained, “I love the color of light on the river, particularly in the afternoon. It is amazing out here. The glow is beautiful.”  Debra agreed saying, “Every season has its own beauty” and adding, "I love the sounds of the wildlife." Karen joined in supportively, “There is something very peaceful about it...”

It was so lovely to hear how these artists take time appreciate the beauty of the river that is so easy to forget when you pass over it on a daily basis. My favorite quote, however, came from Debra Glanell who said, “There is always something going on, all you have to do is stand and listen.”

Thanks for chatting with us Karen, Debra, Glenn, and Jo! We truly enjoyed learning about you and your newfound artist group!