about south river federation

Thursday afternoon, we made our way down to the Federation’s restoration project at Preserve at Broad Creek, where we take biweekly water quality readings.  As we rounded a turn, I was startled to see a dog sitting straight in the middle of our path (so much so that I almost slipped on the damp moss at our feet), but not three feet away was one of our dedicated South River Federation members, Doug Camitta, who was walking his young Airedale Terrier, Ophelia. 

Doug and his wife, Louise Snyder, have been enthusiastic supporters of the Federation and its efforts to heal the South River since they moved into the Broadview Estates community (which shares a side of the project).  In addition to taking Ophelia on long walks, Doug enjoys kayaking on the South River and its various creeks, observing the wildlife and watching the seasons change. Broadview Estates and the Preserve are actively working (government permits have been obtained) to install complementary living shorelines, which they hope will reduce both erosion along the shoreline and the amount of sediment entering Broad Creek and the South River. 

Doug said “I am pleased that South River Federation cleanup projects have begun to markedly improve the quality of the water in the South River and the creeks that feed into it, as these improvements will directly improve the health of the flora and the fish and oyster communities, as well as making the waters more attractive for recreational users.  Broad Creek suffers from severe silting."   

He added that "I particularly admire the Federation for basing its work on sound science and its involvement with the local communities bordering the South River and its creeks.  The Federation is an exemplar for groups with similar objectives.” 

Thanks, Doug! We count ourselves lucky to have members as devoted as you and Louise!