about south river federation

The Federation had a blast participating in St. Andrews School Earth Day Festival on April 21st! We continued the St. Andrew's tradition of planting trees during the festival, by adding to our "buffer" planting on the back edge of the school ground. A buffer planting protects streams (in this case Gingerville Creek) from a point source run-off (the water shedding off the school's ball fields). Other SRF staff were teaching students about stormwater pollution using a watershed model and exploring how pollution can affect the food web by building a representative web made from string. Students also did a little sleuthing using maps and photos to learn how their school yard was affecting Gingerville and Church Creeks.

Last year, the Federation installed a large rain garden on the Church Creek side of the school, solving a flooding issue on their playground in the process. Next week, St. Andrews students are coming out to plant shoreline grasses (spartina alterniflora) and release juvenile striped bass, both of which they have raised in the clasroom! View Earth Day Festival photos on Facebook here.