about south river federation

One day while monitoring our non-tidal site in the Arundel on the Bay community, we met a nice woman walking her dog. She stopped to talk with us for a while and agreed to be one of our South River People. She was hesistant at first, explaining that she wasn’t all too knowledgeable about the River and suggested I talk with a friend of hers instead. After I told her that this was less about knowledge and more about getting to know our neighbors and learning about individuals' experiences with the River, she was happy to participate. She shared that she doesn't get out on the river much, but that she loves to walk around the neighborhood. She still finds the water views very beautiful and calming after 7 years of living in the area with her husband and dog, Bo. She even takes the initiative to pick up trash every so often.

“The Chesapeake Bay and the River and efforts to clean them up is absolutely wonderful. Humanity has not paid enough attention to the environment. If we get a few people to not throw down trash and to clean up after their puppies, we might be able to help things” ~Sondra Shiles

Thanks for sharing, Sondra. We greatly enjoyed talking with you!