about south river federation

Rain and gloomy weather came a little earlier than we expected last time we went tidal monitoring, but we enjoyed running into some folks who were walking along the shore and taking advantage of the water (after the rain had stopped).

And wouldn’t you know it, our first run in was with one of the most fascinating people in the South River watershed, one of the Federation's Founders, John Flood (also known as the Godfather of Maryland's Living Shorelines).

As we worked to take water quality measurements, I heard Flood's voice from the shore as he called out to us and then over to a construction team that was replacing a pier to his right. His pride for the Federation was undeniable as he described our monitoring program.  One of the only Riverkeeper organizations in the country to have a program as robust as ours, he explained.

After years of dedication to healing the river, Flood is as active as ever. We found him planting shoreline grasses for one of his friends on Crab Creek, who he had worked for since he was a teenager. "Keep doing good work," he yelled as we headed off to our next monitoring site.  I felt like yelling the same back at him.