about south river federation

Although overcast and rainy, we enjoyed our time out on the boat monitoring the River and its Creeks, yesterday. Part of what makes the experience special is not just collecting data, but meeting people that live near the water.

As we pulled into Almshouse Creek, we came across a man in a bright red kayak. He wore slacks and a button down shirt under his fleece jacket with a cigar hanging from his mouth.  He introduced himself as Peter Speiers. A professor of mathematics at Prince George‚Äôs Community College, Peter spends his free time kayaking up and down the South River, always, he said, with a cigar. He recounted that when he and his wife first moved into the area, she encouraged him to find something to do. He chose kayaking, explaining nonchalantly, as if he would have picked anything. His passion for the river, however, expressed itself when he shared that he tries to kayak every day, even before work on the days that he teaches. When I asked him what he liked about the River, he said that he enjoys watching the sunrise and the birds, especially herons that live on the Creek.

Peter Speier2

Peter Speiers, caught in the act: smoking while paddling!

Thanks for sharing with us, Peter. And thank you for celebrating the South River with your daily paddles!