about south river federation

By: Maura Duffy

This past weekend, the South River Federation was excited to be present at the Homestead Gardens’ grand opening of their Pet & Farm Department.  We had a table at the event where we introduced people to our organization while educating both adults and children about responsible pet ownership and the different sources of pollution in our watershed.

As this was a pet-geared event, we gave pet owners the “Scoop on Poop” and let them know why pet waste is considered to be an environmental pollutant.  Dog waste is very high in bacteria, and when it rains, the bacteria from uncollected dog waste enter our waterways.

With the help of our Enviroscape watershed model, we were able to easily illustrate the way that dog waste and other pollutants enter our waterways.  The model was a big hit with all the children at the event, so we were able to educate many little ones on the importance of keeping the land and the water clean.

Children at the event were also able to make a fish printing at our table.  Before they were allowed to paint their fish, every child had to answer this question: Do fish like living in dirty or clean water?  Almost everyone answered clean water, and were able to explain that it’s easier for fish to breathe if the water is clean.  Environmental education and appreciation for nature at every age is important, so the event was a great opportunity and success for public outreach in our community.

Photo Credit: Randy Lentz, Homestead Gardens