about south river federation

¿Qué significa la palabra “Cuenca”? Or in English, what does the word watershed mean? Last Saturday, students at the Center for Help learned about “las cuencas” and other topics related to issues within the South River watershed.

Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteer Caroline Rodriguez went out to the Center for Help to answer this question and many others to a group of very excited students. The Center for Help offers assistance to the non-English speaking population in Anne Arundel County and offers a variety of services to assist immigrants in assimilating to U.S. culture and customs. The students participate in the Homework Help and Leadership Program at the Center and were tremendously excited to learn more about la ciencia medio ambiental or environmental science.

The day started off with discussions about the location of the South River in relation to the office and considering the implications of what a watershed is. Next we went through the stormwater model and discussed how la contaminación (pollution) wasn’t just from leaving trash on the ground, but is also the result of excessive use of things like las fertilizantes (fertilizers) and las pesticidas (pesticides). And the most important thing we discussed is simplistic, but very important: Todo lo que ponemos en la Cuenca del Río del Sur finalmente va a terminar en el río or everything that we put in the South River watershed will eventually end up in the river. Finally we discussed some of the things that children can do to help save the Bay with colorful marcadoras (bookmarks) written in Spanish. Thanks again to the Center for Help for a fun and educational Saturday afternoon!

We are extremely excited to begin reaching out to the Latino/a community through bilingual education and hope to increase our efforts in the future! If you have any questions, please let us know by emailing Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..