about south river federation

Each season brings something different to the table. Winter is snow, spring brings rain and flowers, summer is all about pool time and surviving the heat, and then there is fall. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, it’s starting to cool off, there is crispness in the air, my birthday, and of course the change of colors. Now I may be biased, but I think the East Coast has the best fall colors and that was definitely seen and proven this past Saturday for our Fall Federation Celebration Kayak and Picnic.

We had great weather for a morning exploring Beard’s Creek. If you asked anyone who came last year, it was a much different scene. Last fall, it was a bit windy and participants got a workout kayaking back to the beach against the wind. After that epic adventure, David and Katie of Annapolis Landing in Riva asked if they could host the fall kayak trip the following year and we said of course! This fall, we were tucked away from the wind. Beard’s Creek is a great place to go because it is so shallow near the end. This is great for kayaking because we didn’t have to worry about any boat traffic—we had the whole creek to ourselves. The fall foliage radiated along the creek. There was a great contrast of color with the blue sky above and the yellow, orange, red, and even some purple leaves all around us. The trees were really giving us a show. Beard’s Creek has all these little tributaries to explore branching off of the main creek. Participants saw turtles, an immature bald eagle, wood ducks, and mallards. Beard’s Creek is also known for their beaver and river otter sightings—sadly we did not see any of those critters, but they are out there, so keep your eyes peeled.

During the trip, I was paddling in the back of the group and it was great to see so many people out on the river celebrating this amazing resource we have in our backyard. I shared this day with my sister and her husband and their two friends who were all from out of town. I saw multi-generations in a canoe enjoying the day outside. Friends and neighbors chatting about the leaves, fish, and there was even talk about a haunted Halloween kayak trip. I think I could have spent the entire day on the river. For me, these trips are a way to shut off the phone and enjoy being outside and that is exactly what all of us did.

After two hours of kayaking in and around and under (there was a bridge) Beard’s Creek, we headed back to the marina for lunch. A big thank you goes out to our fabulous sponsors: Starbucks of Edgewater, Dunkin Donuts, SeaWatch International, and DoubleTree Hotel for making the picnic awesome and delicious.

Thank you to Katie and David and the Annapolis Landing Homeowners Association for hosting such a great event! Please enjoy the slideshow of photos!