about south river federation
Exciting Physical Phenomenon today on the South River, MD. So what are the Foamy Streaks and large Foam – Frothy balls on the South River? Did you notice that the bubbles are aligned in streaks and not just all over the River? Today is an exciting day! Today with the 30 knot a wind coming out of the Northwest a physical phenomenon has been set-up. This is called the Langmuir Circulation. It was discovered in 1930 by Nobel Laureate- Dr. Irving Langmuir during a cross-Atlantic voyage where he saw Sargassum weed floating in linear patterns on the ocean. He wanted to know why they were in this pattern, so as a scientist he conducted experiments in Lake George, NY to explain this formation. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irvine_Langmuir) What Langmuir discovered was as the wind blows across the surface of the water convection cells begin to form as the shearing forces of the wind push the surface water. The surface water is pushed in a perpendicular fashion to create a circulation pattern below the water. These cells begin to rotate as tubes of water for the length of the River just below the surface and pointed in the direction of the wind. The tubes rotate in opposite directions to the concurrent tube next to it. This can be stated in different terms when wind pushes a piece of water from point A to point B, more water rushes to fill in point A. This causes what in know as an upwelling. At point B, where there is more water than before a downwelling forms. This upwelling and downwelling effect, which happens over and over and the winds blows on the South River creates these spiraling tubes of water. The slide show is visual verification of this physical phenomenon that is happening today (April 24, 2012)