about south river federation

I would like to welcome everyone to our new Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteer, Jennifer Carr.  She will be working closely with me on all aspects that the South River Federation does from water quality monitoring, to the up coming South River on a Half Shell auction (Feb. 26,2011 5-9 at Homestead Gardens).

But, she is also more that just our volunteer for 40 hours/week.  She also volunteers with refugees from Serbia, she started helping out after volunteering teaching English in Serbia.  The refugees are legal residents of the US and I have just learned that they are in need of some help.  Remembering that we were all refugees at one point in our history - (my family from Ireland and Norway in the early 1800s), I have helped by donating the one family clothes for their 9 year old boy.  I was touched when I learned that the baseball mitt my son given to this other little boy was something that he always wanted, he had never touch a mitt before and now has one of his own - the American game.

Now this family is in need of a bassinet (used) and baby clothes.  If anyone can help out with Jennifer's other volunteer duties by donating a gently used bassinet, we will be truly honored.   Please contact either Jennifer or me at the office 410-224-3802
Thank you,