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Killarney House Stream Restoration Project

Killarney House & Neighbors Community stormwater project, located in the Beards Creek subwatershed of the South River, will address polluted stormwater runoff traveling across five commercial and residential properties. The Federation will create forested wetlands, build bioretention swales, and plant reforestation buffer to help filter the stormwater. This project will assist in the conversion of stormwater to groundwater, reducing the erosive energy of the runoff as well as filtering out excess nutrients and sediment.

The objective of this project is to treat polluted stormwater runoff traveling across five commercial and residential properties in Davidsonville, MD. Currently, stormwater enters the five acre property behind Killarney House Irish Restaurant from surrounding upland areas. Runoff collected by and from this property flows across the commercial property, travels across Maryland Route 214 and then through three private properties before entering Marriots Branch of Beards Creek. In 2015, the owners of Killarney House contacted the South River Federation wanting to address stormwater issues on both their commercial property and their new parcel where they are willing to dedicate a significant space on their recently purchased property to treating stormwater. Three downhill neighbors are also participating in this project, for which the Federation received a Chesapeake Bay Trust Watershed Assistance Grant in November 2015.Underwood & Associates has been retained for the design and construction is planned for 2016.

Together, these projects will serve an important community-scale stormwater demonstration role. Like many existing small businesses, Killarney House must rely entirely on stormwater retrofits to minimize its pollution impacts to the South River.

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