south river restoration

This restoration project will restore stability and functions to a 1000 linear foot ephemeral stormwater driven gully and a parallel 1300 linear foot ephemeral gully that flow to the East Branch of Broad Creek.

The channel is highly unstable, leading to excessive delivery of sediment downstream during even minor storm events. By stabilizing the gully and improving upslope stormwater management retrofits, the project partnerswill stop a significant source of sediment and nonpoint source pollution from going into Broad Creek.

The site is in the headwaters of Broad Creek, which along with Church Creek represents the strategic focus of the South River Federation for the purposes of key habitat improvement and erosion/sediment reduction. The 2008 South River Watershed Assessment ranked Broad Creek as the second highest contributor of sediment and nutrient loads to the South River. The County's Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) listed restoration of incised streams, such as this project, using SPSC/regenerative wetland seepage systems as their "Core Tier 1" strategy for meeting goals.
Construction began in 2015, and will be completed in 2016.

BEFORE Restoration: Photos Showing Degraded Conditions at East Branch Site

Before (1)
Before (2)
Before (3)
Before (4)
Before (5)
Before (6)
Before (7)

AFTER Restoration: Photos Taken in Early 2016 as Project Nears Completion at East Branch Site

After (1) - Copy
After (2)
After (3)
After (4)
After (5)
After (6)
After (7)

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