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WEDNESDAY, 06 AUGUST 2014 19:18

Don Harrison, ABC 2 News

ABC Channel 2 News interviews Riverkeeper Diana Muller.  Watch the video here.


ANNAPOLIS, Md. - This morning the health department is sounding the alarm. This summer alone there have been five cases of people being infected with flesh-eating bacteria that came from the Chesapeake Bay.

The bacteria, called vibrio, can infect the body through open cuts and wounds.

Diana Muller and Caroline Rodriquez from the South River Federation were out on the South River taking water samples.

Muller says that the increased levels of vibrio bacteria happen when the water heats up and run off pollutants are increased, like after heavy rains.

"Think of it as turning your refrigerator off for a week and leaving food in there," she said. "Bacteria grows rapidly and that's the same way in these tidal estuaries."

Although the Bay may be showing might be having better oxygen levels than they've had in the last 30 years, we ourselves are having problems.

Low levels of oxygen can be caused by over fertilizing your lawn which will put nutrients into the river. "Just let nature take it's course," Muller said.

"Enjoy the dandelions, save the dandelions."

The Anne Arundel County Health Department has some suggestions if you do go in the water. "Wash your body and dry it off and you should be OK," said Gerry Vitnik with the health department.

With all this bad news out there Muller said there is some good news. The water quality can be made better if we change our habits around the bay and in its tributaries.

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