I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a beautiful March day than cleaning up a bog with a group of enthusiastic students from Edgewater Elementary! I also can't think of a better way to kick off our "Taking out the Trash" Interlux Waterfront Challenge to remove as much trash as possible from out waterways.  During the first week of March, twenty-six students from Ms. Daciek’s 4th grade class volunteered with the South River Federation to clean up the bog in front of the school.

Bogs were historically a common feature in the Maryland coastal plain, especially in Anne Arundel and the surrounding counties. They are composed of a very unique group of native plants and animals that we don’t even see in other types of wetlands, even those that might be located next to a bog. Bogs often look beautiful, but are naturally nutrient deprived which means that they can accept nutrient rich water from the suburban runoff that often flows down into them. Bogs can treat the pollution to some extent, and are sometimes created in new places specifically to help treat stormwater. Most of the county’s native bogs have been filled in or drained over the last 400 years, making it that much more critical to preserve them!

Although it was great to see so much trash removed from the bog, the best part of the day was seeing how genuinely interested the students were in the health of the bog. Many of the students talked to me about how much they love nature and all the different types of animals they see in the bog. It was very clear that the students enjoy having the bog at the school and look forward to participating in the cleanup again! With the many wonderful handmade thank you cards we received from the students, it is easy to tell this is an experience the students will remember for a long time. The South River Federation thanks Edgewater Elementary and their students for taking such great care and pride of the bog - a beautiful, natural place right here in Edgewater!

Special thank you to American Rivers for donating the trash bags!