To me, the bog at Edgewater Elementary is a welcome break from the development that surrounds it.  As soon as you step into the bog, the traffic seems to fade away as you notice more and more birds happily chirping in the trees.  Closer to the pond, you can see butterfly and dragon flies zipping from flower to flower. And once you are in the bog (thank goodness for waders!) you can see minnows, tadpoles, and frogs.  The bog is anything but an eye sore; it’s an opportunity to see how the land should look.  Not only does the bog provide habitat for an abundance of wildlife, it also treats stormwater by filtering and cooling it before it reaches Warehouse Creek.  Garbage that gets trapped in the bog would otherwise end up in tidewater and eventually the Chesapeake Bay.

A few weeks ago, published an article debating weather the bog is an eyesore or resource.  We wanted to highlight the importance of the bog and help make it less of an eyesore, so we organized a bog cleanup for the school.  Thanks to Mrs. Dennin’s 4th grade class and a few dedicated volunteers, we were able to beautify the bog!

I was afraid that the heat might discourage the students, but boy was I wrong.  The kids were so excited to be outside and clean the bog that most ran into the bog without even pausing to grab their trash bags.  Working in teams, alongside our wonderful SRF volunteers, the students quickly picked up as much trash as they could carry.  One boy ran past his teacher and I yelled, “This is the best day ever!”  Another student exclaimed, “This is so much fun!  I never realized the bog was so big!”  One adorable student, came up to me and very seriously asked, “How can I get a job like yours?  I want to work in bogs every day.”  The students had such a great time – I hope we can continue working with the school to keep the bog beautiful!